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So from now on, we will also create an extra system for

  • BUG REPORTS SECTION: Always run “FIX AND OPTIMIZE” from database manager menu and full reload main server + LBS before checking again. Make sure that the report you are going to make, is 100% accurate. Everyone will be able to report any bug found. It will be 2ble checked from our team, reproduced on our dev panels and if approved will be listed on the BUG LIST. Each report must explain exactly what the problem is, step by step what did you do, what went wrong and how to reproduce it.
  • FEATURES PROPOSE SECTION: You will be able to suggest some extra options and/or features. Will be also 2ble checked from team and if the feature is approved, will also be listed.

NOTE: We expect you to respect our company rules and work according to our policy and according to our TERMS OF USE. Those who don’t follow the rules, will simply end up in their ticket removal by our automated system! Continuous violation of our company rules, might end up in a temporary ban from our ticket system and in a possible permanent ban if the violation continue.

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