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Here you will get some suggestions until you learn how to use the panel. Same suggestions are applied for reports like:

Clients cannot connect to panel

Clients are blocked from panel



1. In general settings menu–> security turn OFF or NO these options:

  • Override Client's Country upon first connection
  • Verify Client-IP During Load Balancing
  • Disallow connections with empty user agent
  • Don't allow connections from Different IPs while User is online
  • Enable ISP Lock Mode
  • Disallow Following Proxy Types Connections UN-SELECT THEM ALL
  • Allow connections from these countries transfer all countries on the right side

2. In general settings menu–> Anti-Abuse/BruteForce Attacks turn everything to “NO”. Delete all blocked IPs from security plug-ins. Delete all blocked subscriptions from logs–> Abused Subscriptions

3. In general settings menu–> Performance Turn everything to “NO” except the Save Error Client Log so you can check any error log from client req. logs menu.

4. In general settings menu–> Stalker Portal

  • UN-select all the images in that menu. Please DO NOT select any image from the Lock STB To Images otherwise you will block the other clients!
  • Check your “allowed stb types” and transfer everything to the right side.
  • Increase MAG Security set this to “NO”

5. In general settings menu–> Streams Put the default values as suggested in “i” icon.

6. In general settings–> steraming and client settings

  • Balance Connections by set this to Number of connections
  • Prebuffer enable for Restreamers Set this To “NO”
  • Use Buffer to store the Data Before Sending them to client Set to “NO”

7. In TOOLS run:

  • Reset Country restriction for all subscriptions
  • Remove Network Logs (RUN THIS OFTEN)
  • Remove MAG Lock
  • Reset all ISPs
  • Delete closed connections
  • Clear EPG data from database from main server SSH “truncate epg_data;”

8. In manage servers menu, check the servers max allowed connections. Do NOT have them in 0!

Please note that you MUST clear your panel logs very often, run FIX AND OPTIMIZE from database manager menu and edit main server, put correct ssh pass, save, full reload.

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