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After multiple tests and many reports from clients, we came to a conclusion that StreamCreed panel’s stability is simply unrivaled! Downtime is eliminated for any type of service, without being affected from the amount of total connections. It can handle everything!

Any type of issue that might occur from our side, we will be the first to find out as it’s a CMS based project, so what is applied for 1, will be applied for all! In this project, functions/options/features are the same for every panel, so the possibility of only 1 panel having issue from the total users, just doesn’t exist.

According to the reports that we collect all these months, most of the client’s problems, are wrong moves or misuse of the software or server issue. As you probably already know, we as SC, can not help on that part. We do not manage any of our client’s panels. This was applied from the start and this is the way that we, as a team, will proceed, it is our final decision. The management of panels will be the sole responsibility of the client! Th panel is yours, handle it properly.

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